Your Ceramica plate can be used on a wide range of fresh produce such as garlic, ginger, turmeric, cheese, nuts, spices, citrus rinds and much more. Take a look at the instructions for the most popular fruit and vegetables below and watch the video to see just what your plate is capable of!

TIP: When working with wet produce such as garlic and ginger, add a drop of water or olive oil first. This will stop your purée from drying out and sticking to the plate, allowing you to retrieve your purée with ease!



The best thing about using our Ceramica plate for garlic is that you can leave the peel on!

Start by cutting the tip off of the pointed end of the clove. Now simply hold the root of the garlic between your fingers and rub the pointed end over the ceramic teeth; the skin will peel back naturally as you grate leaving you with a lovely garlic purée within seconds.


Throw away the remaining root part of the garlic or stick it in a bottle of olive oil to make garlic infused oil. Next, take a brush to gather the purée and scrape it off the plate and straight into your recipe.



Not only are our Ceramica plates handy and easy to use, they look great too! You can use this beautiful serving dish around the dinner table and let your guests try it out by grating fresh Parmesan cheese directly onto their dish.


Simply hold the plate vertically and grate over the ceramic teeth directly onto your dish or into a bowl. Follow these instructions for finely grated chocolate as well for your baking or cake toppings. 

For best results, make sure your chocolate or cheese has been well refrigerated before use.



There's nothing better than juicy fresh zest to give your cooking and baking a boost. 


Using our Ceramica plate with citrus fruit is very simple indeed! First, freeze your lemons, limes, and oranges for up to 2 hours before you start cooking to ensure your skin is hard and easy to zest.

Add a drop of water to your plate before use and then rub your citrus skin back and forth along the ceramic teeth. Use your brush to collect up the zest.



Our Ceramica plates work best with lovely fresh produce. Not only will your recipes thank you, but it means there's no need peel your root vegetables, simply trim off any old or dried up bits before you start grating. 

Next, simply hold the ginger at an angle and grate it by using a forward and back motion rubbing the root across the ceramic teeth. If the ginger root is very thick, it can be made easier if you slice it down the middle to produce long/thin pieces to grate.

Use your brush to gather the purée and add it to your recipe.



Our triple glazed Ceramica plates are so strong and durable, they can even grate the hardest of nuts and spices, including nutmeg giving you far more flavoursome and cost-effective ingredients than pre-ground supermarket packets.


To get started, make sure your plate is moisture free, then simply rub the spice or nut over the ceramic teeth until you reach the quantity desired. Brush or tap your spices into your dish.



Our little brushes are the perfect size to use with your Ceramica plate. Use it to quickly and easily scrape your purée or zest into your recipe.

Whilst our Ceramica plates are dishwasher friendly, these brushes are a little more delicate and we recommend washing them gently in warm soapy water after use. You can use a fork to gently remove any left over product.