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Traditional hand crafted and individually hand painted ceramic plates from the Andalusia artisanal region. Bring the flavour of the Mediterranean into your home.

Our large Spanish grating bowls will be the talk of the table! 


Not only does it makes a gorgeous serving dish for salads, pastas, and winter stews, you can also use it to grate, score and cook.



  • Triple Glazed

  • Safe on hands and nails

  • Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe

  • Quick, easy to use and hygienic



  • Puree, zest, grate and grind your fresh ingredients straight into the bowl

  • Cook your stews, soups and roast your vegetable in the oven

  • Score your meat with the ceramic teeth in the bottom of the bow

  • Score your vegetables like potato before roasting for a perfect crunch on the outside

  • Simply use it as a beautiful serving dish for the centre of your table

Black Garlic Grater Bowl