Our Garlic Keepers are specially designed to keep your garlic fresher for longer! Not only does the lid keep the light out, the holes allow enough ventilation to keep your garlic dry, which stops them from sprouting as quickly. For quick and easy grating, just turn the lid upside down and use the serrated teeth just like you would with one of our grater plates.


As well as being the best way to store your garlic, our keepers also double as a garlic roaster. Put it in the oven full of garlic bulbs and it will produce mouth-watering caramelised garlic!


The lid keeps the light out, but the holes allow enough ventilation to keep the garlic dry and stop it from sprouting as quickly. It holds approximately 4 bulbs.


All of our Spanish ceramics are handmade, hand painted, triple glazed, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.


Size: 12cm (w) x 13cm (h)

Weight: 900gms


Please note as all items are hand made – colour, size and weight may vary slightly.

Blue Lavender Garlic Keeper